Hong-Yi Zhuang


Hong-Yi Zhuang

Hong-Yi Zhuang is a Chinese artist, born in Sichuan province in 1962. He has studied at the Sichuan College of Fine Arts in China and the Academy Minverva in the Netherlands. Since the early 1990’s, he has been living and working between the Netherlands and Beijing.

Zhuang has worked with a variety of materials and media, inspired by both his Asian background and his knowledge of European culture. He is best known for his “flowerbed” paintings created by folding countless pieces of painted rice paper into tiny blossoms.

His work has been exhibited in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Groninger Museum, where he had a solo show and the Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer in the Netherlands, the Museum of Sichuan Fine Art in China and was selected for the 55th Venice Biennale to represent China.


Hong-yi Zhuang , 17-I-018, 2017
Hong-yi Zhuang , 17-I-026
Hong-yi Zhuang , 17-I-044, 2017
Hong-yi Zhuang , 17-II-049, 2017
Hong-yi Zhuang , 17-III-025, 2017
Hong-yi Zhuang , 17-V-011, 2017
Hong-yi Zhuang , B19-A077, 2019
Hong-yi Zhuang , B19-C029, 2019
Hong-yi Zhuang , H2015-066, 2015