Marcello Lo Giudice

Marcello Lo Giudice was born in 1957 in Taormina, Sicily. He studied at the University of Bologna and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.


The artist was strongly influenced by the "Arte Informale" movement which span across Europe after World War II. This movement, between pictorial abstraction and painterly dynamism, placed an emphasis on the formal aspect of art, vesting a particular importance on the treatment of pigment. In the 1980's, after a brief conceptual experience, Lo Giudice began his solitary research on the metamorphism of matter, the purity of colour and the energy of light through abrasions, cracks, sedimentations and cascades of pure colours. 


Lo Giudice was selected to represent Italy at the Venice Biennale in 2009 and 2011 and he had an exhibition in 2017 at the Contemporary Art Museum MAXXI in Rome, Italy. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and can be found in major public collections and museums such as the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art in Croatia, the Museum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome in Italy, the John Elkann Collection, the George Segal Collection and the Phillip Morris Collection. It has also been exhibited in major museums such as the Ludwig Museum in Germany and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. More recently, Lo Giudice has had a major retrospective at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.



Image courtesy of the artist