Yasmina Alaoui

Yasmina Alaoui is of French and Moroccan descent, born in New York in 1977. She studied Fine Arts at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris, and earned a BA in Sculpture from the College of William and Mary, USA. She currently lives in New York city.


The underlying themes behind all Alaoui's works deal directly with her experiences of multicultural upbringing and aim to bridge extremes by embracing opposites: secular and holy, classical and contemporary, order and chaos, repulsion and attraction. She creates complex and intricate visual works using a wide variety of techniques, which she combines in an authentic manner. Yasmina has collaborated with photographer Marco Guerra on the Tales of beauty and 1001 Dreams series, which have been collected and exhibited internationally since 2003. Since then, Alaoui has diversified her projects, stating that her love for different media leads her to use as many as she can, constantly shifting between sculpture, painting, drawing, fashion and jewellery design, film making and musical composition.


She was the recipient of the Award for Cultural Diversity at the 2018 Dakar Biennale.

Image courtesy of the artist