Zhang Xiaogang

Zhang Xiaogang is a Chinese artist, born in the Yunnan Province in 1958. He studied at the Sichuan Academy. He lives and works in Beijing.


He is best known for his Bloodline series which he started in the early 1990's. Paintings from this series are predominantly monochromatic, stylized portraits of Chinese people, usually with large, dark-pupiled eyes, posed in a stiff manner deliberately reminiscent of family portraits from the 1950s and 1960s.


Zhang Xiaogang's work has been exhibited in institutions such as the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea; the Helsinki Art Museum, Finland; the National Art Gallery, Beijing, China; the Vancouver Art Museum, Vancouver, Canada; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia; the Guangju Biennial, South Korea ; the Sao Paolo Biennale, Brazil in 1994 and the Venice Biennale, Italy in 1995.

Photo © Natalie Behring