Paul Alexis is a French artist born in 1947 in Arras. He works and lives in Paris.

From a simple and rustic material - chicken wire - Paul Alexis achieves sophisticated pixelated artworks often depicting portraits of iconic figures, which can be categorized as paintings, kinetic artworks and 2D sculptures.

The complexity transpiring from the characterization of his work which he composes by layering several mediums emphasizes the mysterious, intriguing and innovative quality of Paul Alexis’ art.

The famous Spanish artist Juan Gris once said: “For an emotion to appear in a painting, it has to be composed by elements belonging to a defined time period of aesthetics”. This quote can be used to describe Paul Alexis’ work as this artist is perfectly in line with his time.

He is very involved in the art world and is the President of the Paris “Comparaison” fair, the co-founder and President of “Art Capital Paris”, and is the recipient of the distinguished French awards for his work: “Chevalier de la légion d'Honneur”, “Officier de l'ordre National du Mérite” and “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres”.


Paul Alexis, Einstein (Carré rouge), 2016
Paul Alexis, Tomato Blue
Paul Alexis, Cara (Bleu Tiffany), 2016
Paul Alexis, Che (Blue)
Paul Alexis, La force du galop
Paul Alexis, Let me go with you (Bleu)
Paul Alexis, Lincoln Bleu
Paul Alexis, Marilyn rose pop
Paul Alexis, Oh Daniel ! I love you
Paul Alexis, Steve Jobs
Paul Alexis, La grande Kalsoum
Paul Alexis, Oh Johnny