Paul Alexis is a French artist born in 1947 in Arras.

His artworks are the result of a superimposition of multiple painted chicken wire sheets laid on top of a dark colored canvas, revealing portraits of iconic figures. Preferring to work in large formats, Alexis plays with our senses and invites us to look beyond the obvious.

He is the president of the French fair “Salon Comparisons”, the co-founder of “Art en Capital” and the recipient of the Fondation Taylor award.

Available artworks

Paul Alexis, Einstein (Carré rouge)
Paul Alexis, Tomato Blue
Paul Alexis, Cara (Bleu Tiffany)
Paul Alexis, Che (Blue)
Paul Alexis, La force du galop
Paul Alexis, Let me go with you (Bleu)
Paul Alexis, Lincoln Bleu
Paul Alexis, Marilyn rose pop
Paul Alexis, Oh Daniel ! I love you
Paul Alexis, Steve Jobs
Paul Alexis, La grande Kalsoum
Paul Alexis, Oh Johnny