Michel Abboud


Michel Abboud


Michel Abboud is a Lebanese painter, sculptor and architect who was born in 1977, in Beirut, Lebanon. After having earned a Masters in Architecture from the University of Columbia in New York, he founded an award-winning architectural practice, SOMA. His designs, notably the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center a few blocks from Ground Zero in New York City or the One at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai have attracted critical acclaim for their boundary-pushing nature.

In recent years, Michel Abboud has begun to combine art and architecture first by conceiving large-scale parametric sculptures and then by creating complex and intricate abstract paintings. For the latter, he uses a variety of techniques and materials. He experiments with the texture of paint, the way it is applied onto the surfaces as well as with the support itself: the canvas, stripping it from its frame, slicing and folding it. Through his different series (Gemini, Layered, Folded, etc…) he creates two and three dimensional very unique artworks, obscuring the boundaries between painting and sculpture. His work is rooted and linked to his heritage, heavily influenced by his childhood in a war-torn environment, exuding emotions that can only make one reflect on the nature of one’s inner conflicts.

Michel Abboud is the recipient of numerous awards and his artworks are held in many prestigious public and private collections worldwide. He lives and works in New York City.


Michel Abboud, Angela
Michel Abboud, Folded Black Gold, 2019
Michel Abboud, Impression Second Child, 2019
Michel Abboud, Papillon, 2019
Michel Abboud, Pixel Tree
Michel Abboud, Sentinel, 2018