Mauro Corda is a figurative sculptor, born in Lourdes, France. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Art in Reims and in Paris. He lives and works in Paris.

The central theme of Corda’s oeuvre is the portrayal of people in diverse roles, environments, and situations, however he has also created a whole series of animal sculptures. The artist doesn’t limit himself to any particular medium, and has developed an impressive technical mastery with many of them including metal work or stone carving.

Corda’s work has been exhibited in a number of museums worldwide such as the Museo Eduardo Sívori in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Museo Victor Hugo in Cuba and the Museo Frederic Marès of Barcelona, Spain and  the Musée Comtois in Besançon, France. His work is part of several public collections (cities of Tarbes, of Porto-Vecchio, of Epinay sur Seine, of Mont-de-Marsan in France, of Casablanca in Maroco). He is the recipient of several awards including the Prix Paul Belmondo, the Prix Fondation Princesse Grace de Monte-Carlo and the Phoenix Art Award, Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.


Mauro Corda, Aiguillon
Mauro Corda, Contorsionniste à la balle, 2018
Mauro Corda, Tête Panthère-Gazelle, 2016
Mauro Corda, Batman
Mauro Corda, Contorsionniste à l'Iphone
Mauro Corda, Contorsionniste sur Bidon
Mauro Corda, Contorsionniste XXII 1/8
Mauro Corda, Grand contorsionniste II
Mauro Corda, Grande contorsionniste IV
Mauro Corda, Nain boxeur
Mauro Corda, Orphie
Mauro Corda, Petite Gatta
Mauro Corda, Petite lévitation
Mauro Corda, Scission : Homme/Robot
Mauro Corda, Tête chameau-licorne
Mauro Corda, Tête Gorille-Taureau
Mauro Corda, Tête Orang-Outang - Belier
Mauro Corda, Torse d'adolescent
Mauro Corda, Equus