Jae-Sam Lee


Jae-Sam Lee

Lee Jae Sam is a Korean artist.

His artworks are predominantly made using charcoal on canvas. Lee takes inspiration from aspects of nature such as wind and moonlight. However he sees painting as an endless journey of personal confession and monologue. Emanating stillness and serenity, the darkness from the images often brings about an air of cleansing calm to those who view, and a quiet energy of balance. His works seek and embrace a transcendence of reality through attempts to grasp the liminal boundaries between objects. 

Lee Jae Sam was born in Korea in 1960. In 1983 he was awarded the ‘Excellency Prize’ at the Grand Prize Exhibition of Young Artists in Seoul. He graduated from Gangnung National University with a degree in Fine Arts in 1984 and later pursued a Master's degree at Hongik University in Korea graduating in 1989. The same year he was awarded The Grand Prize of Jungang Art 'Prize of Encouragement' by The Jungang Press, Hoam Gallery in Seoul.

Since graduation Lee has exhibited internationally in museums, galleries and art fairs with works held in notable collections throughout Korea and across the globe.


Jae-sam Lee, Beyond There, 2009
Jae-sam Lee, Moonscape, 2012
Jae-sam Lee, Moonscape, 2016