David LaChapelle is known internationally for his distinctive photography that combines a high-gloss, hyper-realistic aesthetic with profound social messages.

He was born in Connecticut, USA, and studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. LaChapelle’s photography career began in the 1980s when he started showing his artwork in New York galleries. His work caught the eye of Andy Warhol, who offered him his first job as a photographer at Interview magazine. Before long, his striking images were gracing the pages and covers of top editorial publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue and i-D, as well as some of the most memorable advertising campaigns of his generation. After establishing himself as a fixture in contemporary photography, LaChapelle branched into directing music videos, live theatrical events, and documentary films, including now-iconic music videos for artists including Elton John, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears and No Doubt. In 2006, LaChapelle decided to minimize his participation in commercial photography and return to his roots by focusing on fine art. Since then, he has been the subject of exhibitions in galleries and leading institutions around the world.

LaChapelle’s hyper-saturated, theatrical and surrealistic photography finds inspiration in everything from art history to religion, contemporary pop culture to street culture, the metaphysical to immortality, projecting an image of the 21st century culture through his work that is at once loving and critical.


David Lachapelle, Collapse in a garden
David Lachapelle, Shrimp with a side of fries
David Lachapelle, Dear doctor, i have read your play
David Lachapelle, East Village Morning
David Lachapelle, Madonna in Bombay
David Lachapelle, Leonardo DiCaprio : Nostalgic styling
David Lachapelle, Madonna : Time lapse photograph spiritual value
David Lachapelle, Alicia Keys : A trial by fire for a young artist
David Lachapelle, Bjork : Visible virtues
David Lachapelle, Couture consumption
David Lachapelle, Faye Dunaway : Day of the locust
David Lachapelle, I buy big car for shopping
David Lachapelle, Insomnia
David Lachapelle, Small landmarks : Fainting
David Lachapelle, Whitney Houston : But now i see