Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey was born in 1951 near Paris, France. His timeless artworks are characterised by elaborate composition and flamboyant colour palette used to create a rich imaginary world. His paintings are carefully composed utilising both space and abundance creating an overall sense of harmony. His work draws inspiration from travel alongside his keen interest in mythology and legend which free’s him to meditate on the unchanging, primitive face of human nature (An excerpt of an article which appeared in the October-November 1995 issue of “L’Oeil de L’Artiste.”) Roc Roussey lives in his own world of imagination, full of enigmatic people. The subjects in his paintings are often big, and as they are of unrealistic proportions, they tend to arouse our suspicions. The faces of the subjects seem to be masked, wanting to remain anonymous, with no identity. Yet, they tell a thousand stories; very often, it is the same face that we see throughout. The diversity is in the body language and theatrical costumes that seduce as well as fascinate the viewer. Roc Roussey uses beautiful fabrics to stylize the costumes of the subjects in a baroque style. The human race has been fighting and struggling from the very dawn of time. We can witness this struggle in Roc Roussey’s paintings. The warriors he portrays think of their actions as being heroic and for the good of mankind, but not realizing self destruction is imminent, if the fighting continues. Like life, his compositions are ironic. They show us the fragility of the world which is invisible yet apparent. There is no backdrop in his paintings, yet the background exudes a sense of tumult. Roc Roussey mocks the world because of our inability to understand that war and fighting cannot bring about anything good. All is not lost though. Roc Roussey injects comedy into his compositions and his characters are caricatures. He hopes to bring the world together, to help find a common thread of cohesion. ACHIEVEMENTS * Societary of SALON DíAUTOMNE PARIS * Group of critic figuration * Societary of SALON DES Independants PARIS * Societary of SALON of French Artists * Societary of SALON of Pontoise * Societary of SALON of TAVERNY * Societary of SALON of BOUFFEMONT * Societary of SALON of LA ROCHELLE * First prize in Pontoise * First prize in Colombes * First prize in Deauville * First prize of La Rochelle * First prize of General Exhibition in CHARENTE MARITIME * Exhibition in MOSCOW, Tretakiov Gallery * Exhibition in St. Petesbourg * Exhibition in SPAIN, Santillana Gallery * Exhibition in BELGIUM, Musuem of Mons * Exhibition in KOREA-Seoul, Dong Ha Gallery * Exhibition in PORTUGAL, Abidos Gallery * Exhibition in COPENHAGEN, Bunterhamn Gallery * Exhibition in PRAGUE, Hybern Castle * Exhibition in PARIS-France-Nancy, Pablo Picasso Centre * Exhibition in PARIS-FRANCE, Gallery Beauvau * Exhibition in SINGAPORE, Opera Gallery
  • Portrait of a Lady

    Portrait of a Lady


    September 13, 2018 - October 24, 2018

  • Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey - Realm of Imagination

    Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey - Realm of Imagination


    April 06, 2018 - April 22, 2018

  • Brilliant Hues: The Power of Red and Gold

    Brilliant Hues: The Power of Red and Gold


    February 09, 2018 - February 25, 2018

  • Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey / Kachinas & Geishas

    Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey / Kachinas & Geishas


    September 23, 2016 - October 06, 2016

  • Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey / Turbans & Kimonos

    Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey / Turbans & Kimonos


    September 17, 2015 - October 01, 2015

  • Impression of Singapore

    Impression of Singapore


    August 01, 2014 - August 10, 2014

  • Roc-Roussey The Woman, The Myth, The Mystery

    Roc-Roussey The Woman, The Myth, The Mystery


    June 11, 2014 - June 25, 2014

  • Roc-Roussey Apsaras

    Roc-Roussey Apsaras


    December 06, 2013 - December 19, 2013