Friday, 23 November 2012

November 23 - December 23, 2012

Five years have already passed since Opera Gallery Seoul was inaugurated.

Here in Seoul we have prepared various events for the opening ceremony of each year, but this year’s is particularly meaningful as the gallery has moved to a bigger and better space. Opera Gallery has continuously communicated with the Seoul citizens through its paintings while continuing to foster their close relations with them.

This November, 2012, Opera Gallery Seoul presents the exhibition ‘Collection,’ celebrating its fifth anniversary. On display are approximately 100 artworks by Opera Gallery’s main and most popular artists with world­wide reputations, whose worlds are both distinctive and exotic and thus harder to meet in Korea. Through this exhibition Opera Gallery offers a truly beautiful experience to appreciate the artworks of the 10 globally renowned artists, breathing and developing with the times in downtown Seoul..

On this special occasion, we’re garnering a new vision. We have strived to offer artistic pleasure, relaxation, and solace through the artworks for the last five years. Opera Gallery Seoul has become a cultural landmark in Seoul, through its wide variety of activities; such as holding feature exhibitions over five times a year, discovering domestic, home-grown talent subsequently previewed at Opera Gallery Seoul, active participation in art fairs at home and abroad, offering various programs spiced up with music and painting, and participating in campaigns such as, giving the dream of Art to children.

Finally, we would like to take one step closer to you. Please come, participate with, and support us through on this ceremonious occasion.