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Opera Gallery is pleased to announce the international representation of Spanish artist Juan Genovés
01 April 2023

Opera Gallery has made another significant move in the art world by becoming the sole representative of the estate of Spanish artist Juan Genovés. Genovés, who passed away in Madrid in 2020, left behind a legacy of politically charged paintings that reflected his deep concern for social justice and his passion for the human condition. To celebrate this partnership, Opera Gallery is set to open its 16th gallery space in Madrid in May 2023, featuring some of Genovés' most iconic pieces.

The exclusive representation of Juan Genovés by Opera Gallery is a testament to the gallery's ongoing commitment to promoting the best of contemporary art, and to recognizing the significance of influential artists throughout history. This partnership is set to bring the world of art even closer to the hearts of many, inspiring a new generation of art enthusiasts to appreciate and cherish the works of this exceptional painter.