Museum Exhibition

Fernand Léger Landscapes
Fernand Léger national Museum, Biot, France
08 October 2022 - 27 February 2023

Paintings, drawings, ceramics, and tapestries will be presented according to a new thematic display, focusing on the landscape in the work of Fernand Léger (1881-1955). In his landscapes, Léger introduces modernity with urban or industrial signals observed in his immediate environment. He reflects the increasing industrialization of the French countryside but also the geometry of American cities. Alongside his fascination with the emergence of the modern city, the artist remained attached to natural elements and the representation of a certain rurality. The landscapes reminded him nostalgically of the Normandy farm of his childhood, while his stays in the countryside of Rouses Point, during his exile in the United States, inspired him to create a new repertoire of forms, the starting point for his American Landscapes series.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to present for the first time some of museum’s recent acquisitions, a collection that is regularly enriched.


The exhibition will be on view at Fernand Léger national Museum (Biot, France) from October 8, 2022, to February 27, 2023.


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