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“Three Days in Dakar: A Dialogue with Ron Arad” moderated by Isabelle de La Bruyère

24 January 2024

On January 24, 2024, Opera Gallery London presented "Three Days in Dakar: A Dialogue with Ron Arad" moderated by Opera Gallery CEO Isabelle de La Bruyère. This insightful discussion featured renowned artist and architect Ron Arad, art auctioneer Simon de Pury, and collector, artist and designer Rolf Sachs as panelists.


During the panel, the participants delved into the fascinating collaboration between Ron Arad and Senegalese artisans in Dakar. They explored how Arad's interaction with local metal workers and weavers in Dakar influenced his creative process and sparked new ideas. The discussion shed light on the transformative power of cross-cultural collaborations and how they can shape artistic expressions.


One of the highlights of the discussion was Arad's exploration of using raw materials sourced from Dakar, sharing how this experience led him to reimagine and reinvent pieces like the renowned The Big Easy armchair.


In addition to sharing his insights, Arad also presented a range of handcrafted works during the panel. The audience had the opportunity to admire pieces such as the America Made in Africa and Don't Ya Tell Henri(Africa)  bookshelves as well as the Salam Sofa. Each of these pieces showcased Arad's mastery in working with metal, particularly using metal sourced from repurposed oil drums.


Overall, this panel discussion provides a deeper understanding of the artistic journey of Ron Arad and the impact of his collaboration with Senegalese artisans. It highlighted the importance of cultural exchange and how it can enrich and inspire the creative process, resulting in truly remarkable works of art.


Immerse yourself in the creative universe of Ron Arad.