Museum Exhibition

Lee Gil Rae, "Rooted to the Roots of Life: Net of Existence"
SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul
25 January - 21 April 2024

The SAVINA Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul is currently hosting a solo exhibition of the renowned artist represented by Opera Gallery, Lee Gil Rae. The exhibition, titled "Rooted to the Roots of Life: Net of Existence," is scheduled to run from 25 January to 21 April 2024, enabling visitors to immerse themselves in Lee's captivating artworks.


Born in Yeongam-gun in 1961, Lee Gil Rae has established himself as one of Korea's most prominent artists. His passion for art led him to pursue a master’s degree in sculpture from Kyung Hee University in 1993. Throughout his career, Lee has garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious Korea Association of Art Critics Award in 2015 and the Special Award in the 8th Great Art Exhibition of Korea in 1989. His artistic prowess has gained recognition on the international stage, with his works being showcased in esteemed exhibitions worldwide and finding their place in various private and public collections in South Korea.


The exhibition at the SAVINA Museum features an impressive collection of 60 artworks, comprising sculptures and drawings. These captivating pieces beautifully illustrate the essence of the artist's subject matter - the majestic pine tree. Lee's choice of materials, particularly copper, allows him to intricately capture the natural beauty of trees while simultaneously highlighting the stark contrast between nature and machinery. This juxtaposition serves to create a harmonious connection between these seemingly disparate subjects, enabling viewers to appreciate their inherent limitations and appreciate the interplay between the organic and the man-made.


The exploration of contrasting subject matters is not only a hallmark of this exhibition but also a recurring motif throughout Lee's entire body of work. By delving into this exhibition, visitors are invited to examine the intriguing boundaries between the animate and the inanimate, the solidity and hollowness, and the coexistence of machines and nature. These thought-provoking aspects serve to establish a deep connection between humanity and the Earth, reminding us of our intertwined relationship with the natural world. This comprehensive exhibition serves as a testament to Lee Gil Rae's artistic journey over the past three decades, showcasing his remarkable ability to intertwine the principles of nature with the symbolic representation of Korean identity through the iconic pine tree.


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