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The Poetic Sculptures of Fred Eerdekens

03 - 13 March 2024

In celebration of Maison Cartier's 100th anniversary of the legendary Trinity ring, artist Fred Eerdekens, represented by the Opera Gallery, created art installations for Cartier stores and window displays across the globe. To commemorate this occasion, Opera Gallery Paris hosted a special event, unveiling 15 new pieces from Eerdekens' collection. This exhibit offered the public a fresh insight into Eerdekens' innovative artistic universe, showcasing his distinctive creative process and visionary approach. During this occasion, the artist generously shared insights into the origins and conceptual ideas that shape his captivating body of work.


Fred Eerdekens, the Belgian sculptor born in 1951, has garnered international acclaim for his poetic sculptures that skilfully craft a unique visual language through the interplay of light and shadow. His masterfully designed works harmoniously blend elements of language, material, light, and shadow, using his self-penned texts as a medium to elicit contrasting notions and evoke profound thought. The meanings encapsulated within his works are dynamic and shift depending on the viewer's perspective and interpretation.


The exhibited sculptures, crafted from copper and aluminium strips, showcase the progression and evolution of Eerdekens' work over his artistic career. While his trademark technique of playing with the dichotomy of shadow and light remains consistent, his use of metal in his installations came about by chance, inspired by the looping patterns found in leftover copper strips. Eerdekens uses these strips to create intricate, light-illuminated scripts that may initially appear incomprehensible, yet are based on his own poetic written words.


The engaging experience of observing Eerdekens' art transcends static observation. The viewer's perspective and interaction with his work are key elements to his artistic concept, as the physical aspect of his work necessitates precise lighting to reveal the hidden written script. Furthermore, deciphering and understanding his enigmatic work rely heavily on interpreting the words etched within the installation. Eerdekens endeavours to encourage viewers to project their personal interpretations onto each piece, resulting in a captivating visual poetry that leaves a lasting impression.


Fred Eerdekens' contribution to the world of art is a narrative of absences and a sculptural invitation to a world imagined through words. His unique contribution to Cartier's centennial celebration of the Trinity ring exemplifies the harmonious intersection of art and luxury, creating a remarkable celebration of history, craftsmanship and creativity.



Videography by © Lee Precious

Photography by © Studio SLB