Works on Paper

10 June - 13 July 2024

Opera Gallery Seoul is delighted to present  ‘Works on Paper’. This exhibition highlights the often-underappreciated value of paper, which is frequently overshadowed by canvas.


Bringing forward paper's crucial role in art history, hoping to deepen the audience's understanding of the true value of paper art, ‘Works on Paper’ also reminds us of the substantial impact paper art has had on Modern and Contemporary art.


The flexibility and accessibility of paper offer artists a platform to express complex emotions and explore innovative techniques. The use of the medium goes beyond mere sketches to create fully realised works. The significance of paper extends to modern and contemporary art, influencing various movements and reflecting their eras. Post World War II, artists further explored paper's transformative potential, reinforcing its importance in artistic innovation.


'Works on Paper' provides a unique exploration of the depth and diversity of paper art, transcending drafts to become standalone artworks. It underscores the historical and contemporary role of paper in artistic innovation and features paper works by renowned artists Henri MatisseFernand LégerPablo PicassoMarc ChagallJoan MiróJean Dubuffet, André LanskoyHans HartungPierre SoulagesSam FrancisKazuo ShiragaAntonio SauraFernando BoteroGeorg BaselitzJean Charles Blais, and Keith Haring.


Exhibition video


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