Yves Klein was one of the most important artists in post-war European art and a key figure in the French artistic movement Nouveau Réalisme, which was founded in 1960 by the art critic Pierre Restany.

Klein is known above all for his blue monochrome paintings, which were rendered in International Klein Blue, a bright blue pigment that was to become the artist’s trademark. Influenced by Zen and other metaphysical philosophies, Klein believed his blue paintings opened onto an immaterial and infinite space that was akin to a pure idea. As the artist once famously said, "Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not".

Klein’s works have been exhibited in numerous museums and is part of important private and public collections across the world.


Yves Klein,  La Terre bleue, 1957
Yves Klein, Table Bleu Klein™
Yves Klein, Table Monogold™
Yves Klein, Table Monopink™
Yves Klein, Victoire de Samothrace, 1962-1973