Roberto Echaurren MATTA



Born in Santiago, Chili, Roberto Matta is an important member of Surrealism’s second period.

He did not think of himself as a painter, but rather as an architect or astrophysicist. A silent man, Matta was even known to criticize members of his movement who took too many “plastic” liberties. To Matta, painting was the means by which one accomplished something, the tool to be used. He would spend time with famous scientists like Hubert Reeves and other astrophysicists who would help him go beyond the surface, the invisible, to identify force and matter in their original form. He would play a decisive role in influencing young American painters in the forties, especially Abstract painters.

The Matta retrospective held at Centre Pompidou in Paris in 1985 only confirmed his market value, which continues to climb.


Roberto Echaurren Matta, Composition, 1956
Roberto Echaurren Matta, S'executant (Sexe ecoutant), circa 1968-1969
Roberto Echaurren Matta, Sans titre, 1965