Opera Gallery partners with EDERN restaurant


Opera Gallery partners with EDERN restaurant

Friday, 7 September 2018

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Some years ago, we met with Jean-Edern Hurstel in Dubai and bonded over our love of art, the Chef promising that he would one day display art curated by Opera Gallery in his own gourmet restaurant. 

In September 2018, the dream we shared became a reality: the restaurant EDERN opened its door in Paris’ luxurious 8th arrondissement and Opera Gallery is the exclusive art partner of the new trendy-yet-cosy contemporary space.


With a firmly contemporary art curation for EDERN, Opera Gallery has selected the ethereal work of Japanese painter Kazuki Takamatsu to be displayed alongside the textured folded canvases of Italian artist Pino Manos. This aesthetic approach compliments subtely the decor's monochromic palette and lets the Chef’s own creativity take pride of place in his restaurant.