Pino Manos

Pino Manos was born in Sassari on March 10, 1930. In 1951 he moved to Milan where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts “Cimabue” (along with Enrico Castellani and Vincenzo Agnetti) and “Brera”. Befriends Roberto Crippa, Gianni Dova, Marino Marini, Augustine Bonalumi and Bruno Munari but especially with Lucio Fontana adhering to the movement of Spatialism.
At the same time he joined the faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. In 1956, lives and works in Rome inserting in the artistic and cultural heritage, very alive and fruitful in that period, characterized by its association with Alberto Burri. In 1957 he moved to Florence, the city where he finished his studies of Architecture. Since 1962 makes long trips and stays of study and soul-searching in Europe and in the world, India, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Peru, Mexico, USA and the Middle East.

In 1962 he was called to London, along with the thirty most eminent artists in Europe to be the Manifesto “Europe 1962” Painting and Sculpture organized by New Vision Centre Gallery as the basis of the emerging European Union.

Manos participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and other parts of the world; his works are in numerous private and public collections in Italy and abroad (three of his works are in the collection of Nelson Rockefeller in New York).

Manos moved permanently to Milan in 1968 where he currently lives and works. In 1980 he founded in Milan “The Creative” for the socialization of Art and the development of creativity as a therapeutic element. The aim and purpose of the association is the awakening of latent potential in every individual is important, through creativity liberate the energies and untapped potential in a progressive journey of body awareness in its multiple modes of communication and expression. The liberation of the creative potential implies a therapeutic dimension for themselves and others. This methodology has been applied with positive results in drug addiction and disability.

Manos organizes and coordinates numerous seminars and conferences in various Italian cities, on topics related to Art and soul searching with contemplative practices. In 2010 it is the movement “rigor” in the horizon of Transpazialismo and beyond with artists Enrico Castellani , Agostino Bonalumi , Giuseppe Amadio , Cesare Berlingeri , Alberto They, Pino Manos , Vanna Nicolotti , Turi Simeti , Paul Scheggi , Paul Bazzocchi , Umberto Mariani , Pino Pinelli , curated and organized by Flavio Lattuada the Galleria Lattuada following the poetic space of Lucio Fontana . The group of artists are presented by philosopher Massimo Donà Is expressed in a more radical spatialism and “rigorizzano” the canons exceeding common dimensionality accepting new forms of figuration and opening up to new means of expression.
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