Kenny Scharf meets Dior


Kenny Scharf meets Dior

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

At the crossroads of Parisian flair, American street-art and Chinese seed embroidery, this new collaboration is set to become a turn-up for the books.

The collection, featuring the intense colours and impish smiles that Scharf has turned into his signature style, is also a technical prowess, as shirts are hand-woven on Thai looms and garments are adorned with traditional Chinese embroidery. The garments, displaying the instantaneously recognisable Scharf characters, sparkle with sequins and tassels, taken from Ancient China and propelled to the future by neighbouring epaulettes and huge bows.

Kenny Scharf has been an Opera Gallery artist for several years now. Contact us for more information about the artist or his works.

Presentation of the collection on the Dior YouTube chain.