17 May - 07 June 2023

Opera Gallery Seoul is thrilled to present its latest exhibition Monochrome, which will bring together works from masters of postwar European art Turi Simeti, Agostino Bonalumi, Pino Manos, and Umberto Mariani as well as works from contemporary artists whose practices are influenced and inspired by those master artists, Marcello Lo Giudice, Jae Ko, and Alfred Haberpointner. Through the exhibition, the gallery aims to examine these artists’ undeviating studio practices of working in the mode of monochrome — or making a work within the hues of a single color.

Monochrome is an occasion for philosophical contemplations on such unseeable beings — who refuse to be held down by predesigned compositions and surpass the limitations of the monochrome color field and interact with light — and explores the works of artists who pursued the most innovative postwar avant-garde aesthetics through intentional yet improvisational expressions.