Lita Cabellut, 'La niña en la mirada'

09 May - 15 June 2024

Opera Gallery Madrid presents Lita Cabellut’s vibrant celebration of spring with her first solo show at the Spanish gallery. In her exhibition, titled 'La niña en la mirada', Cabellut's deeply introspective and visceral paintings come to life. Her canvases, slashed with dramatic portraits, exude a sense of joie de vivre yet maintain a serene calmness that draws viewers in.


Through her work, Lita Cabellut explores a powerful girls' world, capturing self-absorbed dreamy moments and vibrant gazes. Each painting becomes an altar celebrating spring and childhood innocence, reflecting Cabellut’s belief that all her portraits are ultimately "self-portraits," revealing her journey of introspection and artistic freedom in maturity.


Lita Cabellut, born in Spain in 1961 and now residing in The Hague, is acclaimed for her multidisciplinary artistic pursuits, including monumental paintings, linguistics, sculptures, photography, and opera scenography. Her poetic approach infuses every discipline, resonating in museums worldwide, from Seoul to Mumbai, and in permanent collections across Europe and beyond. Lita Cabellut's upbringing in a Catalan family and early exposure to art ignited her passion, leading her to study and establish her career in the Netherlands, where she developed her distinctive technique blending traditional and modern media to express profound social and human themes through monumental portraiture.

Lita Cabellut 'La niña en la mirada' exhibition views, May 2024 © Enrique Palacio