Anselm Reyle

26 April - 24 May 2024

Opera Gallery is thrilled to present the first solo exhibition of German artist Anselm Reyle in Geneva. This collection highlights over twenty pieces spanning from 2008 to 2024 that chronicle the evolution of Reyle's artistic odyssey. Included are a variety of new pieces crafted specifically for this showcase, encompassing ceramics, neon installations, and works on canvas.


Reyle is celebrated for his groundbreaking use of materials and transformative artistic techniques, yet his roots are deeply embedded in early 20th-century art movements. Inspired by Art Informel, Op-Art, Minimalism, and Pop Art, he seamlessly integrates contemporary abstraction with vibrant fluorescent hues, neon lights, and repurposed objects. Through unconventional mediums like foil, glitter, mirrors, and special-effect pastes, Reyle consistently challenges traditional painting norms, drawing viewers into a mesmerising world of colour and light. His ongoing exploration not only sets new artistic benchmarks but also questions conventional standards of taste and beauty. Straddling the line between genuine kitsch and authentic aesthetic appeal, his work captivates audiences, inviting contemplation and fascination.

Exhibition photography © Kelly de Beer