Dutch Igloo

Dutch artists, Dik Mus and Anke van Veen have been collaborating under the name Dutch Igloo since 2006. Dik studied art, philosophy and electronics at the Rietvield Academy, the University of Amsterdam and at the Hogere Technische School in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. Anke graduated from the Hogeschool in Amsterdam with a degree in language, literature and drama. They live and work in Amsterdam.


Fascinated by the Pepper’s ghost technique (illusion technique) and diaromas, Dutch Igloo combines these 19th Century techniques with photography and digital image manipulation to create incredible 3D miniature worlds blending physical and virtual reality. Referring to the origin of the world and the search for a new beginning, works from their “Creating Wilderness” series are miniature natural landscapes renderings, inspired by Taoism and Chinese landscape painting.


Works by Dutch Igloo are included in the permanent collections of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam; the Amsterdam Museum; the Dordrechts Museum; the Quasr al Hosn - Abu Dhabi; the Canal House Museum, Amsterdam; the Railway Museum, Utrecht and the Children’s book Museum, The Hague.

Image courtesy of the artist