Wou-Ki Zao

Zao Wou-Ki : An art stylishly parallel to abstract art.

The artist was born in Beijing China in a cultivated family and studied calligraphy in his childhood painting at the school of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. He went to Paris to live on the same block in Montparnasse where the classes of Émile Othon Friesz took place. His earliest art exhibitions in France were met with praise from Miró and Picasso. Zao Wou-Ki's poetic, abstract art, pictures evoke scenic-cosmic associations.

Zao Wou-ki departed for his new home in France at the precise moment when the painters of the European and American abstract art, expressionist schools began to flourish.

Zao gave up figurative painting and chose the lyrical abstract art form with the aim of expressing nature in its fullness and a true Chinese vision of the world.

His art works, influenced by Paul Klee, are orientated to abstraction. He names them with the date in which he finishes them, and in them, masses of colors appear to materialize a creating an abstract world, like a big bang, where light structures the canvas. He works often big formats in triptychs and diptychs.