Sam Francis

American artist Sam Francis is regarded as one of the most eminent artist of our time. Born in San Mateo California in 1923, Sam Francis studied botany, psychology and medicine in the University of California at Berkeley after which he served in the US Army Air Corps from 1943 – 1945. It was during his stay at the hospital due to an injury in the Second World War that his journey as an artist began after being visited by artist David Park in 1945. Upon recovery, Francis returned to Berkeley to pursue his interest in art. He graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 1950. Francis travelled extensively since 1950, from Paris to Mexico City to Tokyo and New York; this enabled him to further develop his art through the myriads of artistic style, techniques and culture that has influenced him during his travels. As an Abstract Expressionist, Francis was initially influenced by Mark Rothko and Arshile Gorky and Clyfford Still, subsequently became associated with Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler as he evolved from painting in monochrome for several years to the use of contrasting and expressive colours that came to define his style of painting. Francis Abstract works are a reflection of his interpretation of colour and light as well as his own reference to New York Abstract Expressionism, Chinese, Japanese art, French Impressionism and his own Bay Area roots. The transition of his artistic style is reflected in his paintings through the ages from the drips and splatters of colours in his earlier works to wet bands of paints to formal grids and ‘open’ paintings comprising of dominant areas of white spaces on the canvas. Francis created an extensive portfolio of works in his career from oil paintings to watercolour to etchings and lithographs as well as creating large scaled murals notably for Kunsthalle, Basel in 1956-1958 and Chase Manhattan Bank, New York in 1959. Today, Sam Francis’s vibrant works are exhibited in internationally renowned museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Kunstmusuem Basel, Idemitsu Museum of Art, Tokyo and the centre Pompidou-Musee National d’Art Moderne, Paris.

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