Reza Derakshani

A painter, performer and musician all wrapped up in one talented individual, Derakshani is a reputed master contemporary artist on the international scene. Reza Derakshani was born in Sangsar, in the northeast of Iran in 1952. He grew up in a great black tent on the top of a mountain, among horses and fields of blue and yellow wild flowers. Derakshani developed from the study of constellations of light created by the moonlight shining through tiny holes in the tent to the study of mathematics in high school and subsequently visual arts in Tehran and the USA. As registers of Derakshani’s expansive store of creativity, the originality of his artistic vision and the musical energy of his paintings, the visual-musical interplay can also be tapped in order to locate his art within the parameters of a cultural mentalité that is historically and deeply Persian, although not uniquely so. Derakshani’s life work is impressive in its range of media and techniques. His passionate unleashing of creative energies through multiple venues of artistic expression include sculpture and calligraphic arts and significantly, music. Equally rich and provocative are Derakshani’s explorations of the conceptual and philosophical preoccupations of his place and time. Bursting with life, matter and colours, somewhere between abstract and figurative, his paintings draw their essence from the artist’s Persian identity and imagination. To admire Reza Derakshani’s work is to plunge head first into his culture, where he evokes the magnificent legacy of Iran. . Calligraphy, floral patterns, birds, trees and pomegranates; scenes of celebration, dancing and secret rendezvous are some of the powerful symbols from his birth country with a history that is thousands of years old! Following his first solo exhibition in Tehran at the tender age of nineteen, Reza Derakshani has held more than 50 solo shows, group shows, performances and numerous Art Fairs, among other things. In 2010 the Hunting Gold, 150 cm x 480 cm was exhibited at the Hope! Exhibition in France alongside works by international top artists the likes of Damien Hirst , Takashi Murakami and others. His 60 faces from the series Identity Crisis were displayed at the Chelsea Art Museum NYC which was featured in NY Times on August 2009. Reza Derakshani’s work is part of the permanent collections of the Teheran Museum of Contemporary Art, the British Museum, London, as well as the Brooklyn Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Most recently, his solo painting show at the Armory NYC and his extremely anticipated Retrospective at the SPM in Dubai added to his international adventure. Furthermore, Derakshani has been showcased in numerous publications such as the NY Times, Canvas Art Magazine, ArtSpeak NYC, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Art Experience NYC, Contemporary Practice, National UAE, Masquerade Magazine, Gulf News, ABC TV, BBC Radio, NPR, WNYC, KPFK LA, L’Unita Italy to name a few. The long and circuitous road of Derakshani’s artistic and geographic migration eventually found him in New York City, where he settled and worked for sixteen years. He later moved to Italy, eventually returning to Tehran for seven years before leaving his homeland once again in 2010. He currently lives and works between Dubai and the USA.
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