Pino Manos was born in Sassari, Italy.

He moved to Milan in 1951 to attend the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, along with Enrico Castellani and Vincenzo Agnetti. At the same time he began studies in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. In 1956 he spent a short time in Rome, inspired by the artistic and cultural heritage and shortly after he moved to Florence, to finish his studies in Architecture.

Since 1962, Manos has travelled and worked in Europe, India, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Peru, Mexico, USA and the Middle East. He was a close friend of Roberto Crippa, Gianni Dova, Marino Marini, Augustino Bonalumi and especially of Lucio Fontana, and he adhered to the Spatialism movement. Manos moved permanently to Milan in 1968 where he still resides. In 1980 he founded ‘The Creative’in Milan, an association pioneering art therapy, to inspire the use of creativity to liberate untapped potential and improve communication and expression. The methodology was applied with positive results in cases of drug addiction and disability.

Manos continues to organize and coordinate seminars and conferences all over Italy, on topics related to art and therapeutic practice. Manos has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide. His works are in numerous private and public collections including three works in the Nelson Rockefeller Collection in New York, USA.


Pino Manos, Campo sincronico rosso-blu, 2017
Pino Manos, Sincronicità dinamica blu energetico, 2018
Pino Manos, Sincronicità dittico rosso-blu, 2017
Pino Manos, Sincronicità essenziale blu cobalto intenso, 2016
Pino Manos, Sincronicità essenziale verde smeraldo, 2016
Pino Manos, Sincronicità gialla attiva, 2017
Pino Manos, Sincronicità gialla piccola, 2015
Pino Manos, Sincronicità rossa attiva, 2015
Pino Manos, Sincronicita smeralda piccola, 2016
Pino Manos, Sincronico arancio, 2014
Pino Manos, Sincronico armonico bianco orizzontale, 2015
Pino Manos, Sincronico armonico rosso fluorescente, 2015
Pino Manos, Sincronico bianco luce, 2014
Pino Manos, Sincronico blu cobalto piccolo, 2015
Pino Manos, Sincronico blu cyan, 2014
Pino Manos, Sincronico nero profondo, 2015
Pino Manos, Spazio estroflesso bianco orizzontale, 2012
Pino Manos, Spazio estroflesso dittico bianco, 2011
Pino Manos, Spazio estroflesso dittico sfalsato nero luce, 2013
Pino Manos, Spazio estroflesso grafite argentea, 2011