Pablo Atchugarry is a Uruguayan sculptor born in Montevideo in 1954. He currently lives and works between Lecco, Italy and Manantiales, Uruguay.

Best known for his marble works which resemble the monoliths of early civilizations, he approaches sculpture as an extension of the materials he employs. In 2007, the artist established the nonprofit institution Fundación Pablo Atchugarry in Manantiales, Uruguay, which promotes visual arts, music, and literature in the community.

His works are held in the collections of the National Museum of Visual Arts of Montevideo and the Pérez Art Museum in Miami.


Pablo Atchugarry, Forest Bird, 1998
Pablo Atchugarry, Il Fiore, 2018
Pablo Atchugarry, L'esprit de Paris, 2019
Pablo Atchugarry, La porte des rêves, 1995
Pablo Atchugarry, Reborn, 2007
Pablo Atchugarry, Search of the Future
Pablo Atchugarry, Untitled, 2015
Pablo Atchugarry, Untitled, 2017
Pablo Atchugarry, Untitled, 2017