Manolo Valdés:


Manolo Valdés: "Una Visión Personal"

Sunday, 25 March 2018

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Until 25 March 2018, the work of Manolo Valdés is exhibited at the Fundación Bancaja in Valencia, Spain. 

“Una Visión Personal" is made up of nearly 150 works, covering retrospectively the solo career of Manolo Valdés from its beginnings in the early 1980s to the present day and also revealing to the public some works that have never been exhibited before.
The exhibit of works features for the first time in a joint way all the disciplines in which the artist has expressed himself over more than 35 years: from painting and sculpture to engraving and decorative arts.
Curated by Prof. Kosme de Barañano, “Una Visión Personal” opens with a review of Valdés’ first body of work, before moving on to other themes born in the last ten years of his career, such as portraits, still lifes, variations on Matisse, African masks or his direct commentary on art history.
The exhibition also reviews his sculptural work, less known in Spain, but that has been shown internationally, including at the Botanical Garden in New York, on the Place Vendôme in Paris and recently in Valencia and Singapore.