Manolo Valdés: solo exhibition at Opera Gallery Paris


Manolo Valdés: solo exhibition at Opera Gallery Paris

Friday, 2 June 2017

A painter, drawer, sculptor and engraver, Manolo Valdés is internationally known and regarded as one major figure of the art scene of the second half of the 21st century. Since the beginning of 2017, Opera Gallery has proudly collaborated with the Spanish artist worldwide; and we are now delighted to formally and officially introduce his work to the Paris art scene. 

From June 2nd to July 2nd, the exhibition "Los Géneros : Pintura e Escultura" will take place at Opera Gallery Paris. Manolo Valdés will revisit the classic theme of female portrait through a collection of sculptures - some monumental - carved out of wood, aluminum or bronze; as well as with paintings created out of rich and diverse materials such as oil, canvas and burlap.

Throughout the exhibition, Manolo Valdés will use his signature “cobalt” blue as the base for a reflexion on his personal history as well as on the history of art; thus transcending forms and revisiting the traditional codes of iconography in visual art. 

"Los Géneros : Pintura e Escultura" is Manolo Valdés’s first great solo exhibition in Paris and 90% of the works exhibited have never been shown to the public before!