Museum Exhibition

Giacometti Museum and School will open in Paris in 2026
01 January 2026

The Fondation Giacometti has plans to open a museum dedicated to the artist and sculptor Alberto Giacometti in Paris in 2026. The museum will occupy the former Invalides train station and the basement of the esplanade in the heart of Paris and will create the unique opportunity of establishing, on a permanent basis, the world's largest collection of the artist's oeuvres, comprising nearly 10,000 works.

Apart from Giacometti’s well-known bronzes sculptures, the museum will also feature drawings, paintings, and decorative objects, “most of which are currently not accessible to the public,” Catherine Grenier, director of the Giacometti Foundation, told Agence France Presse. There will also be “exhibitions of modern and contemporary art connected with the spirit of Giacometti,” she said.

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