Fabrizio Plessi:


Fabrizio Plessi: "Fenix DNA" at La Fenice in Venice, Italy

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

From 26 July until 6 August 2017, Fabrizio Plessi presents the video, light and sounds installation Fenix DNA at La Fenice opera house and theatre in Venice, Italy. 

One of the leading international artists creating of video art, Fabrizio Plessi was born in Reggio Emilia but lived in Venice for many years, studying and later becoming a professor of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts. He is recognised worldwide for his work with his preferred medium: video and electronics. 

He is also noted for his deep fascination with the elements of water and fire, two primal elements that are at the center of the Fenix DNA project for La Fenice, where Plessi has created an installation within the theatre’s space, made of lights, sounds and audio-video installations.