Public Installation

Anthony James - Westminster City Council x W1 Curates
06 September - 31 December 2021

To celebrate the launch of London’s newest 25m-high Mound in Marble Arch, Westminster City Council and W1 Curates present a new fully immersive installation Lightfield by British sculptor Anthony James represented by Opera Gallery. Lightfield will be the first exhibition in the newly built visitor hall underneath Marble Arch Hill, running until December 2021. This public art project in the heart of London aims at bringing people together to celebrate the unity and revival of our arts and culture after a difficult year.

This is the first time Anthony James has created an infinity room with his artworks. Exploring a cosmos of harmony and symmetry, 12 Transmorphic Cubes formed from stainless steel, specialised glass and LED lights will be digitally transformed into an ever-changing mesmerising universe. When grouped together, the sculptures explore the concept of infinity and transports visitors into the future and beyond, forcing them to look deep inside the glass cases while interacting with the mirrored reflections and lights. 

For more information and tickets visit the Marble Arch Mound website here.



Anthony James - Marble Arch Mound from Opera Gallery on Vimeo.