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Opera Gallery is pleased to present Modern Masters , an online exhibition featuring a curated selection of 15 museum quality paintings and works on paper by Henri Matisse, Fernand Léger, Kees Van Dongen, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró and Alberto Giacometti. This exhibition celebrates the spirit and genius of extraordinary artists whose insight and vision produced crowning achievements in Modern art and culture.These Modern Masters  strove to renew art, to liberate it both from copying nature and blind adherence to academic traditions. They formed the earliest avant-garde of the 20th century, which arose in France as a reaction to Impressionism. These artists turned to bright colours, deliberate chromatic contrasts, rough, passionate brushwork, simplified form, light and shade without half-tones and smooth transitions.Modern Masters is a journey of startling colour and form, groundbreaking endeavour, and bold leaps of the imagination;  it captures the ebullience, idealism and confidence of artists as they freed themselves from tradition. 
Alberto Giacometti , Buste (tête de profil), 1947
Oil on canvas, 56 x 27,5 cm (22 x 10.9 in)
Joan Miró, Tête, 1967
India ink, watercolour and wax crayon on paper, 69,7 x 99,9 cm (27.4 x 39.3 in)
Pablo Picasso, Le Peintre et son modèle, 1963
Oil on canvas, 65 x 100 cm (25.6 x 39.4 in)

Joan Miró, Femme, oiseaux, 1977
Crayon and pastel on paper, 39 x 48,3 cm (15.4 x 19 in)
Pablo Picasso, Tête de faune barbu, 1946
Watercolour, collage and pencil on paper, 65,5 x 50,4 cm (25.8 x 19.8 in)
Pablo Picasso, Nude woman leaning on pillows, 1964
Oil on canvas, 54 x 65 cm (21.3 x 25.6 in)

Joan Miró, Tête, 27 February, 1974
Oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm (28.7 x 36.2 in)
Fernand Léger, Portrait de femme (Marguerite Lesbats), 1949
Oil on canvas, 46 x 38 cm (18.1 x 15 in)
Fernand Léger, Study for builders, circa 1950
Gouache, coloured crayon, brush, ink and pencil on paper, 54,5 x 71,5 cm (21.5 x 28.1 in)
Fernand Léger, L'Écuyère, 1953
Gouache and India ink on paper, 31 x 44 cm (12.2 x 17.3 in)

Marc Chagall, Two Faced Couple , 1980
Oil, tempera and India ink on canvas, 91,8 x 64,5 cm (36.1 x 25.4 in)
Marc Chagall, L’Arrivée de la Reine de Saba, 1971-1972
Oil on canvas, 111,1 x 83,8 cm (43.7 x 33 in)

Henri Matisse , Femme et bouquets, 1940
Pencil on paper, 52,5 x 40,5 cm (20.7 x 15.9 in)
Kees van Dongen , Madame Flore Lesieur, 1939
Oil on canvas, 112 x 92,2 cm (44.1 x 36.3 in)
Henri Matisse , Farandole, 1938
Coloured crayon on paper, 40,3 x 26 cm (15.9 x 10.2 in)