Lita Cabellut is a Spanish painter born in Sarinena, Aragon.

She studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She works and lives in The Hague, Netherlands. Considered an "informal figurative painter", Cabellut has developed over the years a contemporary variation of the classic fresco technique and a recognizable personal palette style, creating large scale realistic oil paintings.

She has had solo museum exhibitions including: “Trilogy of the Doubt” (2013) at Fundación Vilacasas in Barcelona, Spain and NoordBrabants Museum in Den Bosch, The Netherlands; “Here to Stay” (2014), at Kunststation Kleinsassen in Berlin, Germany; “100 Masterpieces” (2014) at Seoul Art Centre in Seoul, South Korea; “Black Tulip” in State Visit Okura Hotel in Tokyo (2014), Japan; and “Blind Mirror” (2015) at Hälsingland Museum in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

Available artworks

Lita Cabellut, Bird of Paradise, 2019
Lita Cabellut, Chaplin Policeman
Lita Cabellut, Electric Love, 2019
Lita Cabellut, I'm not in a hurry, 2019
Lita Cabellut, Monarch Butterfly, 2019
Lita Cabellut, Passions, 2019
Lita Cabellut, Urban People 02, 2017
Lita Cabellut, Yerry 02, 2017
Lita Cabellut, Coco 48
Lita Cabellut, Coco 42
Lita Cabellut, Coral flowers 01
Lita Cabellut, Coral Girl 13
Lita Cabellut, Impulse 04, 2015
Lita Cabellut, Impulse 12, 2015