Xevi Solà

08 - 22 March 2024

In our second edition of the invited artists series at Opera Gallery Geneva, we are excited to showcase the unique talent of Spanish artist Xevi Solà. This initiative allows artists to curate their own exhibitions, and Solà brings a distinctive perspective to the forefront, with 22 works created especially for this showcase.


Solà's paintings are centered around one or more slender, pale, enigmatic figures that emanate an ethereal essence. The artist boldly and sharply engages with figuration, depicting characters that are not only distinctive, uncommon, and alluring but also frozen in moments of intimacy. Instead of merely showcasing the visible, Solà's pieces communicate emotions and sensations, forging a quiet bond between the viewer and the artist. 


Solà's art serves as a testament to how figurative art can remain contemporary and edgy.

Photo credit © Kelly de Geer