The Monaco Masters Show 2023

05 July - 31 August 2023

The Monaco Masters Show will showcase a selection of works that pay tribute to the great masters of modern art, not to mention the greatest artists of the contemporary period. By reinventing the dialogue between sculptures, paintings and works on paper, The Monaco Masters Show offers visitors and collectors an unprecedented visual experience. It celebrates the genius of artists who have shaped and continue to influence the art world through their creativity.

Like every year, this exhibition will shine a light on the greatest masters such as Fernand Léger, whose revolutionary Tubist works are a real eye-catcher, Marc Chagall and his marvelous dreamlike compositions that invite us on a poetic voyage as well as Nicolas de Staël and his superb “marine” paintings, for the viewing pleasure of art lovers.

To further enrich this exhibition, works by renowned contemporary artists will also be presented, such as George Condo's captivating canvases that feature characters with fractured faces, Kenny Scharf's tags, paintings by politically committed artist Juan Genovés, and Ron Arad's Pop furniture in crystalline resin, which stands as an exciting exploration of contemporary art.