Summer Blossoms

31 August - 30 September 2023

Opera Gallery Hong Kong is delighted to showcase Summer Blossoms, a radiant selection of contemporary Korean artists: Chun Kwang-Young, Cho Sung-Hee, Jae Ko, Lee Gil-Rae, Kim Hee-Kyung, Ran Hwang, Lee Jung Ho and Lee Gi Seong.


Korean artists resonate with life’s eternal cycle. Their inventive use of Hanji paper, iron powder, copper, and pins allow an expansive viewing experience. The richness of nature is heightened and preserved, from Kim Hee-Kyung’s everlasting ripples of wind on water, to Lee Gil-Rae’s eternal forests sheltered from industrial production. Incorporating autobiographical elements within their art, Chun Kwang-Young’s Aggregations reimagine childhood paper parcels containing medication, while Cho Sung-Hee’s joyful flowers pay tribute to the memory of her father tending to the garden. Artworks exhibited represent both an artistic self-reflection and meditation, as well as an homage to the enduring beauty of nature.


Experience a dynamic, textured exhibition deeply embedded in Korean culture, yet exploring universal themes of life. On display from August 31st to September 30th, Summer Blossoms transitions from the effervescence of late Summer to the warm glow of Autumn.

Summer Blossoms at Opera Gallery Hong Kong until September 30 © Felix Wong