Saura, Pintar como querer

14 September - 06 November 2023

Opera Gallery Madrid presents the exhibition Saura, Pintar como querer in collaboration with the Succession Antonio Saura and La Fondation Archives Antonio Saura from 14 September to 6 November 2023.


On 22 July, we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the passing of the esteemed artist, Antonio Saura. In honour of this significant milestone, Opera Gallery is proud to pay homage to one of Spain's most prominent artistic figures of the 20th century. The exhibition Saura, Pintar como querer meticulously curates a collection of his works, boasting over 50 pieces on paper and approximately a dozen captivating canvases. Within this remarkable assembly, we explore some of his renowned series, including "Auto-da-fé", "Heads", "Crucifixions", "Ladies", "Nudeslandscapes", "Crowds", "Shrouds", and "Goya's Dog". To further illuminate his creative journey, we proudly showcase 19 of his most iconic posters alongside these exquisite artworks.


Saura, Pintar como querer offers a comprehensive exploration of the diverse subjects that Antonio Saura passionately embraced throughout his career, catapulting him to national and international acclaim. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to delve into the profound intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic underpinnings that shaped the vision of the El Paso group's founder—a collective that not only laid the groundwork but also conceptualized the post-war avant-garde movement in Spain. 


The accompanying exhibition catalogue will feature an illuminating introductory study by Juan Manuel Bonet, a renowned critic and an authority on Antonio Saura's body of work. The exhibition will also present the comprehensive catalogue raisonné of Antonio Saura's posters, meticulously compiled by Olivier Weber-Caflisch and Jean-Charles Giroud, and published by the Fondation Archives Antonio Saura. This catalogue encompasses not only all the posters crafted by Antonio Saura himself but also includes those designed by third parties for various individual, collective exhibitions, or other noteworthy events.

Antonio Saura, Pintar como querer at Opera Gallery Madrid © Enrique Palacio