Picasso, Miró, Valdés, Spanish Masters, a Resonance

29 November - 20 December 2022

Opera Gallery Miami is pleased to present Picasso, Miró, Valdés: Spanish Masters, a Resonance; the exhibition brings together the works of three great figures of art history of the 20th century.

The exhibition gives the opportunity to explore Valdés’ paintings and sculptures in dialogue with those of the two great Spanish Masters. This exhibition invites the viewer to unveil the artistic qualities that surpass space and time.

Valdés draws aesthetic principles from Picasso and Miró to create works in a contemporary light. In Valdés’ works, the deconstruction of Picasso’s figures combines in perfect harmony with the biomorphic forms, calligraphic lines and vivid colors reminiscent of Miró; giving life to powerful works of art. Valdés, like Picasso and Miró once did, places movement as a central element to his work. This is most evident in his female busts which extend vertically and horizontally.

Starting from November 29th through December 20th, 2022, we invite you to dwelve into art history, to retrace its paths and discover new ones, while celebrating the artistic legacy of three Spanish Masters.