Paul Amundarain, Entropy, Multiple Realities

10 - 27 May 2024

Paul Amundarain's solo exhibition 'Entropy, Multiple Realities' highlights the artist’s inventive exploration of reality and perception with dynamic use of architectural principles to present reality as a construct that can be molded and transformed.


Born in Venezuela and now based in Miami, Amundarain's Multiple Realities series investigates the human condition and our interaction with our environment by employing layers of materials and abstract shapes to construct visually captivating scenes. The layers in his art spark unique connections with individual realities, offering insights into the human perspective. He frequently uses a grid pattern to probe the similarities, intricacies, and societal, political, and economic issues between his homeland, Venezuela and his adopted country, America.


Symbolically appreciating modernist aesthetics, Amundarain draws parallels with current production techniques as a form of introspection. He blends oil, acrylic, and various pigments with industrial-scale production methods to animate his paintings, narrating history.


In this exhibition, Paul Amundarain employs both traditional and avant-garde technological methods to examine our collective relationship with reality.

Paul Amundarain, American Dance Party, 2024