Marc Chagall, The Poetry of Emotions

18 March - 19 April 2023

When Marc Chagall (1887-1985) passed away in Saint-Paul-de-Vence at the age of 97, he left behind a prolific body of work that marked 20th-century art with a singular vision. Today recognized as an essential figure of modern painting, Chagall continues to fascinate collectors and art lovers alike. A man who staunchly remained outside of all art movements, Chagall went through the century of avant-garde and aesthetic revolutions independently, never once renouncing his identity. In fact, each of his creations bears witness to his personal, indeed intimate story, and exudes a strong allegoric and oneiric quality radiating through a symbolic language that is his very own. The artist’s works of art are peopled with couples in love, his eternal muse and fiancée Bella, musicians, farm animals and hybrid creatures gliding about in a permanent state if weightlessness. This corpus of works takes us through fifty-five years of artistic creation, from 1930 until his death. We are convinced that this unprecedented exhibition will transport you into Marc Chagall’s “magical universe,” as André Breton would say. We hope that the colourful and poetic intensity of Chagall’s body of work, a universal ode to love and joy, will be a feast for the eyes of all our visitors.