Manolo Valdés

15 September - 15 October 2017

Manolo Valdés is of a rare breed of artist. Born in Valencia, Spain on March 8, 1942, Valdés is a master of a variety of artistic disciplines. His extraordinary vision and ability to create a visual and figurative language that is reminiscent of both the past and present have made him one of the most important Spanish artists living today. 

Opera Gallery is honoured to host Manolo Valdés’s first exhibition in Asia, as part of Opera Gallery’s annual Masters show in conjunction with the Singapore Grand Prix in September. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, nine monumental art works will line the boardwalk of one of Asia’s most famous shopping street, Orchard Road, to celebrate the vision and potency of art. These remarkable works will then be installed in The Gardens of the Bay, Singapore’s very own multi-award winning horticultural destination, for a few months for the enjoyment of the visiting public.

Manolo Valdés monumental sculptures @ Gardens by the Bay
Manolo Valdés at Opera Gallery Singapore - gallery exhibition opening
Timelapse: Manolo Valdés monumental sculptures on Orchard Road