Loving Picasso

12 May - 08 July 2023

Opera Gallery Madrid is thrilled to present Loving Picasso, a tribute exhibition that will be on view from May 12th to June 11th at 56 calle Serrano, in the vibrant Salamanca district. This exhibition will mark the 50th anniversary of the passing of the legendary Pablo Picasso, and inaugurates the new exhibition space in Madrid.


Pablo Picasso is a timeless artistic genius who revolutionized the art world with his innovative and daring approach. He was deeply inspired by the ancient Altamira cave paintings, and believed that simplicity and austerity were the key to modernity. His insatiable curiosity and childlike fascination with experimentation fueled his genius, making him one of the most influential artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Opera Gallery invites art enthusiasts to explore a collection of works from contemporaries of the Andalusian painter, as well as younger generations of artists. The exhibition will feature works from renowned artists including Marc Chagall, Antoni Tàpies, Andy Denzler, Antonio Saura, Fernando Botero, Juan Genovés, and Manolo Valdés. These carefully selected artworks will be thoughtfully presented alongside Picasso's works, highlighting the undeniable influence the master had on the art world.


Exhibition video