Lita Cabellut, Tremble

04 - 18 October 2023

Opera Gallery proudly presents Lita Cabellut's third solo exhibition in Dubai. Cabellut, a true master of her craft, showcases her unwavering dedication to innovation and self-expression in this latest collection. Her artistic evolution is marked by fearless exploration, weaving emotions and stories with every brushstroke.


This exhibition unveils Cabellut's groundbreaking new technique, born from her relentless pursuit of depth and emotion in her art. Merging classical and contemporary elements, her work challenges traditional portraiture, offering a profound connection to the subjects.


Dubai, a city of boundless ambition, provides the perfect backdrop for Cabellut's innovation. As we join her artistic journey, let us embrace the transformative power of her technique, celebrating her as an inspiration in a world of constant change. Art, like Cabellut's, knows no limits, where imagination and technique create the extraordinary.

Lita Cabellut, Tremble exhibition at Opera Gallery Dubai