Lita Cabellut, The Echo of the Masters

15 November - 01 December 2019

Opera Gallery Singapore is delighted to announce the opening of our latest exhibition The Echo of the Masters by the remarkable Spanish contemporary artist, Lita Cabellut. To round-up our 25th anniversary celebrations, the solo exhibition will be held from the 15th of November to the 1st of December 2019, showcasing a new series of large-scale canvas works that have never been exhibited before.


Executed in her signature technique of combining traditional fresco techniques and modern applications of oil paint, Cabellut awakens the senses with harmonious colours, mesmerising brushwork and the crackle of texture. In this unique collection of work, Cabellut pays tribute to the modern masters of the Art world who inspired her, and honours their individual ingenuity. From Van Gogh to Warhol, from Klimt to Léger, the voices of legendary artists resonate through the imagery of Cabellut. Reinvigorated through her visionary figurative paintings, she has seamlessly interwoven both past and present into her practice.