Juan Genovés "Ágora"

17 November - 10 December 2023

Opera Gallery Singapore is pleased to present a first-of-its-kind, specially curated exhibition of paintings, giclée prints ans sculptures by Juan Genovés, titled Ágora

 One of Spain's best-known contemporary artists, Juan Genovés' works are rooted in social realism, adopting expressionist and figurative artistic styles and in the process rejecting the "elitism of abstraction" and informalism. The result was a body of works that were unabashedly political and portrayed his criticisms of the fascist Franco regime.

Ever potent and relevant, Genovés' works are landmarks of socially-engaged contemporary art, mesmerising reflections of what lies at the epicentre of all societies , past, present and future - the hopes and importance of the people and their communities.